Protan KM Energia
Protan KM Energia
Protan KM Energia Specialized concentrate for dairy cows

Contains the addition of high-energy bypass fat (1.2 JPM, 8.5 MJ NEL) and an increased level of niacin, which lowers the level of ketone bodies and free fatty acids in the blood. Has a positive effect on the animal's reproductive system, thus improving the reproductive rate. Its effect reduces the risk of ketosis and regulates the negative energy balance. Affects the improvement of efficiency and milk parameters.

Product features
Elevated energy levels
Bypass energy - bypass fat

Benefits for the breeder

anti-ketosis effect,

stimulates fertility in cows,

improves milk yield and milk parameters.

Benefits for the animal

covers the needs of high-yield cows,

supports reproduction,

reduces the negative energy balance,

improved health of the herd.



dairy cows


Serve to cows whose daily milk production exceeds 30 kg in the amount of 1 kg/piece for every 2.5 kg of milk above 30 kg or 20% in 100 kg of concentrated blend.

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