Our Facilities
Production plants in Grabki Duże
A complex of four production plants with a total annual production capacity of over 420,000 tons of animal nutrition, over 35,000 tons of loose and liquid foliar fertilizers

with an extensive infrastructure in the form of warehouses for loose-bulk, liquid and packaged raw materials, where we can store over 25,000 tons of raw materials necessary for the production.

The production plants in Grabki Duże

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EKOPLON constantly invests and modernizes its production lines. This allows for the successive increase of the company's production capacity, optimization of production processes, as well as continuous improvement of the quality standards of manufactured products.

Our products are subject to a constant and systemic quality control process at every stage of production.  The effectiveness of this system is ensured by a highly qualified staff of quality control units. As a result, our products meet the most demanding quality standards expected by our customers.

Plants producing animal feed consists of three factories:

Premix Production Plant, where we started production in 1997. It makes over 200 different ranges of complementary feed, mineral and vitamin blends and premixes for our own needs and the needs of our distribution market.


The WP1 feed production plant, which started production in 2007, with an annual production capacity of 120,000 tons of various animal nutrition products, makes over 150 different product ranges, including those based on "Non-GMO" raw materials. The production portfolio includes concentrated feed and complete feed for all animal groups. The factory primarily makes packaged goods.

The WP2 Complete Feed Production Plant, which started production in 2013, with an annual production capacity of 240,000 tons of complete feed, makes over 100 different feed products. These are mainly complete feed for poultry and pigs. Products from this Plant are delivered to our customers directly to farms by tank trucks.


 The Fertilizer Production Plant, which started production in 1994, with an annual production capacity of over 35,000 tons, makes over 500 different product ranges of liquid and loose specialized foliar fertilizers. These products are offered in a wide range of packaging tailored to the needs of our customers and the market.

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