A series of three crystalline, fully soluble fertilizers, containing a complete set of NPK macronutrients, enriched with magnesium and sulfur and supplemented with micronutrients necessary for cultivation. They are primarily intended for greenhouse crops such as tomatoes, cucumbers and ornamental plants.

Fertigation is precise fertilization consisting in feeding plants with nutrients through the irrigation system. Fertigation can be used both in traditional crops, e.g. field vegetable cultivation, cultivation of vegetables in the ground, in tunnels, horticultural cultivation, as well as in soilless cultivation, e.g. cultivation in mineral wool, expanded clay or peat substrates under covers. In soil cultivation, fertigation is most often a supplement to sprinkling fertilization, while in soilless, greenhouse cultivation, this fertilization method is the only source of nutrients for plants. Fertigation enables the application of mineral fertilizers in very low concentrations throughout the growing season of plants, thus limiting the periodic excessive salinity in the substrate. Fertigation is a very economical method thanks to the precise determination of fertilizer doses adjusted to the current and changing requirements of plants.

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