EKOPLON is a family business that places great emphasis on such values as commitment, trust, innovation, confidence, professionalism and development. Our goal is to involve all social and business partners in our actions for the common good.

While realizing its statutory activities and business goals, aware of its impact on the environment, EKOPLON takes into account social, ethical and ecological aspects in its activities and strives for a balance between the effectiveness and profitability of the organization and the public interest.

The company's goal is not only to conduct profitable operations but also to educate and integrate customers and the safety of stakeholders, as the basis for the development of a partnership in line with the company's mission, vision, values and culture. The company's goal is also to provide practical and effective solutions concerning the natural environment in the production of fertilizers and animal nutrition and to involve all the company's partners for the common good.


The socially responsible management of EKOPLON includes 4 pillars




Responsibility and trust

We pursue our business goals under the principles of free competition and the law.

We provide safe and innovative products that increase the economic production efficiency for our contractors.

Our partnership-oriented attitude about contractors is the basis for the development of a joint business.




Support and development

We constantly improve our social communication methods to raise awareness outside the organization about CSR: the company's strategy, goals and activities in this regard.

We support initiatives of local cultural and sports ventures.

We run charity and sponsorship activities.



Openness and honesty

We provide appropriate, safe and friendly working conditions.

We observe the labor code and human rights.

We provide equal opportunities for professional development for all employees (we follow the principles of anti-mobbing and anti-discrimination policies).

We base our company's internal communication on the principles of mutual openness.



In line with nature

We run our business following applicable standards, legal regulations and directives on environmental protection.

We promote and support pro-ecological activities.

We implement measures to reduce the company's environmental impact.



Our Brands