The MAXIMUS AminoMicro fertilizer line consists of products with an increased content of micronutrients. They are especially recommended for quick replenishment, even of hidden micronutrient deficiencies. They are ideal for combining with fertilizers from the MAXIMUS Platinum line.

This combination fully meets the nutritional needs of plants for all nutrients. The advantage of MAXIMUS AminoMicro fertilizers is the combination of micronutrients with an amino acid - glycine, which guarantees faster and more effective uptake of ingredients and their mobility in the plant.  The use of amino acids in the fertilizer improves the condition of plants and their resistance to abiotic stresses, and stimulates them to grow and develop. The presence of glycine in the fertilizer contributes to the increase in chlorophyll concentration in plants, which leads to increased photosynthesis efficiency. Additionally, the products have been enriched with the MPC2 formula - a complex of specially selected ingredients that stimulates the plant to intensive growth and development, counteracts the negative effects of drought, high temperature or cold, ensures proper energy acquisition and use.

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