Protan Opas Max
Protan Opas Max
Protan Opas Max Protein concentrate for growing intensively fattened cattle.

Particularly recommended for nutrition based on maize silage. High levels of protein (38%), vitamins and minerals ensure intensive daily gains. The use of the product at the level of 20-30% in a concentrated blend does not require supplementing the dose with protein, micronutrients and vitamins.

Product features
Very eagerly taken in by animals
38% protein
High levels of vitamins and minerals

Benefits for the breeder

ensures economy of fattening,

stimulates rapid growth and good muscularity of animals,

has a positive effect on stress and animal health,

has rumen buffering properties.

Benefits for the animal

has a positive effect on digestive processes,

stabilizes fermentation processes in the rumen,

has a positive effect on animal health and production results



For intensively growing fattened cattle,

used in an amount up to 2.5 kg per piece/day or from 20 to 30 kg per 100 kg of concentrate blend.

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