Protan Opas
Protan Opas
Protan Opas Protein-mineral-vitamin super concentrate intended for young fattening cattle.

Perfectly protects against vitamin and mineral deficiencies, ensuring stable animal growth and resistance to infections and stress. Indispensable for intensive cattle fattening, where the goal is to obtain healthy and muscular animals.

Product features
Super concentrate (10% share)
High levels of vitamins as well as macro- and micronutrients

Benefits for the breeder

ensures the economy of fattening,

promotes good muscle mass of animals,

enables the use of other protein feeds,

stimulates rapid growth and animal health.

Benefits for the animal

covers the production needs of animals,

increases resistance to infections and stress.



for fattening cattle and young ruminants, intended to supplement blends with protein as well as macro- and micronutrients and vitamins.

Used in the amount of 10 kg per 100 kg of a concentrated blend.

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