Protan Muuu
Protan Muuu
Protan Muuu Efficient universal high-protein concentrate intended for cows and fattening cattle.

Provides nitrogen for the rumen microorganisms, which may be lacking due to using a high proportion of maize silage, the addition of pickled grain or beet pulp. Provides protein for the intestines and rapid growth, while increasing immunity in animals. With its intense aroma, it is characterized by high palatability and digestibility.

Product features
High protein concentration 42%
High level of protein for rumen microorganisms
Attractive aroma

Benefits for the breeder

proprietary blend without any other protein additives,

provides the right vitamin and mineral balance,

improves feed conversion,

has a positive effect on high and economic milk yield and high gains.

Benefits for the animal

improves digestion,

covers the production needs of animals,

stabilizes the rumen environment.



For dairy cows and fattening cattle (over 0.5 years)

0.5 to 3 kg/piece/day.

To make a ready concentrate blend with a share of 25-35% of the concentrate.

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