Protan Gold Repro Somik
Protan Gold Repro Somik
Protan Gold Repro Somik Efficient protein concentrate for cows.

Efficient protein concentrate for cows. Contains 39% of protein derived from the highest quality protein ingredients and urea. Indispensable for feeding with maize-based silage, pickled maize grain and beet pulp, as it provides nitrogen for rumen microorganisms. Provides better digestibility and a higher level of protein for the intestine. Has a positive effect on milk production and the digestive system. The product has rumen buffering properties and contains the sorbent mycotoxins, which has an additional positive effect on the fertility and health of animals.

Product features
39% protein
Additional nitrogen for rumen microorganisms
Mycotoxin sorbent
Rumen buffer

Benefits for the breeder

improves milk yield and milk parameters,

binds mycotoxins found in poor-quality roughage,

additionally buffers the rumen.

Benefits for the animal

covers the production needs of animals,

has a positive effect on digestive processes and the animals' performance,

stabilizes fermentation processes in the rumen,

improves fertility parameters and animal health



For dairy cows

from 0.5 to 2.5 kg/piece/day. Or to prepare a ready concentrate blend with a share of 25-35% of the concentrate.

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