Prestarter PrestiGo 1
Prestarter PrestiGo 1
Prestarter PrestiGo 1 Prestarter for piglets

Modern prestarter intended for piglets with high nutritional requirements. Perfectly prepares piglets for solid feed intake, which positively affects the course of the weaning period. Increases the uniformity of the litter and allows rearing the weakest piglets. Very rich ingredient composition ensures high weaning weight.  

Product features
excellent palatability thanks to sugar, dairy products, fish meal and blood plasma
immunoglobulins and medium-chain fatty acids strengthen the immunity of piglets
probiotic - stabilizes the functioning of the digestive system and reduces diarrhea
high digestibility and an excellent amino acid profile thanks to the use of micronized grain, soy protein concentrate, fish meal, blood plasma
the right set of vitamins and microelements supports immunity

Benefits for the breeder

quickly trains piglets to consume solid feed,

improved piglet health,

rearing the weakest piglets, equalization of litters,

increased weight of weaned piglets,

no diarrhea.

Benefits for the animal

digestive tract enzyme training,

accelerates the development of piglets,

stabilizes the digestive system, prevents diarrhea,

increased feed intake,

easier feed change at weaning.




Complete blend for piglets from 5 days of age to 2 days before weaning.


The prestarter should be administered several times a day, in small portions. It is recommended to gradually switch from PrestiGo 1 feed to PrestiGo 2 Immuno, mixing in a ratio of 25-50-75-100 over 4 consecutive days.

Loose form



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