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EKOPLON Broiler Institute
The EKOPLON Broiler Institute is a modern research complex put into operation in 2019.

The complex consists of two test halls with an area of 1000 m2 and four production facilities adapted to the rearing of chicken broilers and tests on a large population. The EKOPLON Broiler Institute also has a modern, fully equipped laboratory that allows carrying out the necessary tests and analyzes.

EKOPLON Broiler Institute

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The complex consists of:

  • Research farm - two experimental sectors where the flock is divided into 48 pens ensuring high accuracy of research measurements in the test. At the experimental farm, work is being carried out on new scientific solutions that may be a valuable element in the development of products for feeding broiler flocks.
  • Veterinary laboratory - where post-slaughter carcasses are assessed from tests carried out on the experimental farm.
  • Application farm - 4 breeding buildings housing 40 thousand broilers each, where nutritional tests are carried out under the conditions of a production farm on the application of the best solutions previously developed on the experimental farm.

The EKOPLON Broiler Institute has teaching facilities, where training courses are conducted for breeders, nutritional advisers and students.

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